Zoom Techniques

(1) Using an Apple Computer with an iPhone as a 2nd camera. There is a function built right into the iPhone within the Zoom.us interface that allows easy switching without the workaround of the iPhone calling into the meeting as a participant. — To get a 2nd roving camera this way is a snap. Practice and Video to Follow
(2) Use a Cam Link bringing in an HDMI signal from a high quality external [from the laptop] video camera.

Sound mixer and multiple microphones being set up and practiced. Should be quite simple for out of the Sound mixer we feed directly into the Zoom feed with selection of sound mic as the mixer. This 8 channel Mackie seems best in particular it has USB Out and works plenty of mic’s. Price $199 .

I always have been a bit perplexed and confused by mixers, especially outputs. I hesitate to put on this stress but if it is called forth I will do my best to not to get caught up by the form.
Being Kind to my self and those around me I need honor and generate an atmosphere of. Peace – Stillness – Silence – and Letting Go of attachment.