You Are The One

Pir Vilayat would speak of diving into the deep deep ocean and experiencing the great beauty there of, seeing the subtle gossamer gentleness of a deep sea creature. How wonderful it is. And then as we bring it to the surface to share with others and to have our mind know it like an object of perception, it collapses, it becomes bereft of its connection to that subtle vibration; its magical beauty is lost. Perhaps in the mind trying to know it, to possess it as an object of knowing, it like the collapsing of the that deep sea creature’s beauty when brought to the surface.

Why have so many sages come to be silence — speaking not of knowing. Just marinating in the knowing — without knowing it in the realm of subject/object orientation. Why have so many poets pointed toward the unknowable without it becoming and it. Why do our tears flow in the presence to great courage, or gentleness, or deep connection. We cry we know not why but the feeling is deep and rich and beyond the knowing of it.

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~ Stirring Up The Outhouse ~ 
Spiritual bypass has its advantages?

It not a change in perspective, it is realizing another being’ness that sees.

~ Stuck Dumb In Silence ~
What seeps out of that silence is humility When struck dumb in silence before the Greatness of a Mountain The same things can happen before a sleeping infant but here you enter a Sillness of soft sweetness and purity. Tears as pointers




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  1. This area is Sham’s as he tries to track this process of the pathless path. — Shams

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