Side Building Updates

~ Kindness ~ Kindness ~ and more Kindness ~

Music Videos: Likely to have many re-iterations: 1.0 / 2.0 / 3.0 Perhaps some for Dance leaders and others a public releases
Stand Alone Live Music Events: Some of which are spin offs of our guest performers on the imagined twice a month variety Saturday Show — Prairie Home Companion Silver Sufi Style. A bit of a distant dream but possible.

The virus is just too dangerous to mess with so the 30 ft by 40 ft space will be used with a maximum occupancy of four or five people. We will have a bathroom with toilet, shower, a compact kitchen with a gas stove tightly hugging the east wall, a large pot bellied gas stove, a swamp cooler with six vents and a bedroom partitioned room on the south-east corner. And doing all that while still maintaining a very large open space in the middle and along the west wall for all the construction hugs the east wall.

Suzanne Our Contractor is on top of it including the flooring. Rough out begins Oct 10th.