We Are Four: Shunya, Zakira, Daveed & Shams

Business of Doing/Planning need not dominate us
It is a form. It has its place. But “Stress is the only Sin”

The Side Building Status Report

Refinishing The Walls, Windows & Screens: Making good progress on all three. Filling holes and deep in-between cinder block groves with cement spackling. Next Friday we start priming all the walls with 2x thickness cement sealer/primer. 15 GALLONS WORTH !

Evolving Possible Use of the Space: The virus is just too dangerous to mess with so the large space will be used for activities of just four or five people. With activities centered on creative arts and or just a social space for tea and crumpets. There we hope to do filming, zooming, and sound studio work and perhaps some weaving. We plan on having a small bathroom, a compact kitchen tightly hugging the east wall. one or two small partitioned rooms at the south east and south west corners. and doing all that while still maintaining a very large open space in the middle.
Roof Air Handler: Our swamp cooler meeting and estimate will take place in Sept. when he is not so ‘swamped’ with business. This time will help us figure out the best venting for the re-designed space. Five or six vents are likely.
Doors & Flooring: Zakira is beginning investigation of floorings. For now we are just hoping to get to having a plywood sub floor installed with a non-toxic fabric underlayer. The doors Zakira ordered will likely be installed sometime in late Sept. We have chosen door handles that can be opened with ones arm or elbows, the are disabled friendly & somewhat virus safe.

Themes to Remember: Remember what Shams dad always said, “The Perfect is the Enemy of The Good~ What we are creating is needed first and foremost by us and a few friends. Later perhaps it will serve the wider Sufi Community.

~ Kindness ~ Kindness ~ Kindness ~ Remembering to be kind to ourself.