Unpacking May 2020 ~ Death Trust That

2) Trust: “We are all going to die. At least this body is.
I don’t know when our time is, and either do any of us.
So we have to Trust That.”

One thought on “Unpacking May 2020 ~ Death Trust That

  1. “So we have to Trust in That.” To me this is ‘Surrender‘ and with it Is Peace.
    “We don’t know when our time is.” To me this means There Is No Tomorrow, there is only Now. Now is the time of Awakening, ‘If not now when.”
    “What do we Fear?” Perhaps, I Fear Really Feeling the whole of Humanity, the whole of That Suffering. And yet, if I die with a Heart that is closed I will have failed in my Life’s Purpose.
    What do you feel about all this? – – – Shams

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