2 thoughts on “Unpacking May 2020 ~ It is up to us

  1. What if it really was up to us.–US– Am I Awake Enough. Do I live in tomorrow or in the past. Awareness only reaches its fullness in this Present Moment. As we foster Harmony, feel Beauty and emirate Love and Light, what if we on this Zoom call, could be what Humanity needs right now, – – What If – – Shams

  2. There is a purity in ‘Feeling’. It stands alone. Concepts and Words seem to it to be a foreign land. In that deep sense of feeling, there is a fulfillment unto Itself, In it I am not isolated, I enter a wholeness. When I meet with you and we share our individual ways, our viewpoints, our emotions, our being-ness — I FEEL. Text collections seem without life without you, but adding Shahabuddin’s voice to the texts helps enlivened them for me.
    . . . In this Life, In my Life, I Feel such incredible thankfulness and in that fullness I feel the hunger in so many other lives. – – – Shams

We are all Blind . . . Share your experience of The Great Elephant . . .

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