The Over-Thinkers (1 or 2 openings)

Prerequest: A Wiliness to Change — To actually take that next step. Group is dedicated to moving from the Dense 1st Level of Perception, ‘The Thinking Form‘ to the 2nd level of Perception, ‘The Realm of Feeling/ Spacious Awareness‘, Weekly Zoom is on Wednesday 3:00 EST. We help each other to make this shift, in our own and collective way.

WEDNESDAYS: We meed regularly on Wednesdays for Zoom at 3:00 EST. We usually begin with a shared media piece to set the stage for Letting Go of Our Over Thinking 😉 .

POTENTIAL RULES OF OPERATION: Helpful Calls ~ any participant can call out for a one minute Breath adjustment. We have a Goal of being more comfortable with Silent Times. Try to take a couple of gentle half before speaking or responding.

Going Beyond: If we as over-thinkers we dissect and analyze a media piece, it not only kills the wholeness of the experience it also is a missed opportunity to go beyond. We are stuck in what HIK called the 1st level of Perception — ‘Thinking’ — with only line and form, that which we are comfortable with, but we are now being challenged to move to the 2nd level that of Feeling and the 3rd level of Oneness/Unity. With these types of Perception our reach extends into vast realms, as Shahabuddin said, “We Can Feel The Whole of Humanity.” ; “Being Hu-man, the God Mind.”

May 20th Sample Video of a Meeting

Background: From Thinking to Feeling.

More Background: Third Level of Perception
Universal Unspoken Spiritual Language of Unity

If you are considering joining
1) State a tentative intention as a comment in box below.
2) After that just stop in one of our Wed Zooms.  PASSWORD IS ‘ 2020


We are all Blind . . . Share your experience of The Great Elephant . . .

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