Filming & Music: Next Steps

Music Video: Oct 11th or so: We did a practice shoot in Scott’s garden. Shams is learning what works.
Late Oct/Up till Mid-Nov: D/S work a sound track for new songs, ‘Gila’. Shams get some good footage of Gila River at The Box. Then we feel how they look together.

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Learnings from Sept 30th Shoot: 1) Have Darvesha help with camera framing Before we film. 2)The surrounding matter, need color 3)Need to more perp with her and me picking topics 4)The one Steinhesier picks up two people sitting fairly far apart.But if we went to two I would need the XA20 with a set wide shot and the XA30 with some pacing and zooming.  5)She is not bothered much by Shams moving about a bit.
Learnings from Oct 11th Shoot: We can film in bright sun light. The hats are a bit of a problems but some close up of a faces might work as the Light can the work to reveal the face. Sound with the fuzzy top mic on the Luminix is barely adequate.