A New Begining ~ a shared blog

Awakening Together ~ We Need Each Other

This is a Comment Orientated Gathering focusing on topics arising from our Friday classes with Shahabuddin. Note 1-10 are from our July work.
-1- For you what does it mean that “It cannot be expressed in words.” or is the question itself an oxymoron 😉
-2- Your Soul Is God. Holographically you are the whole. And how does that effect how we see and feel.
-3- What is your interpretation & usefulness of the story of The Blind Seekers and the Great Elephant
-4- What is becoming different for you in your changing view of the UW Service. July 17th and July 24th
-5- Previously we were opening to Surrendering, how does that connect to our continuing work.
-6- A Rhythmic Daily Life helps us experience our real self.
-7- The way we encounter life is up to us.
-8- What might it mean to be ‘Artificially Good’.
-9- We are never lonely with our connection with Nature, with Beauty, with Kindness.
-10- The 4 states of Prayer. Practice this next week: The Green Tara Prayer
-11- Consciously Contributing
-12 – Story of the Tavern. We are all drunkards but we can choose our drink that is Beauty, Harmony and Love

AUGUST 14TH: Shahabuddin’s question to the tutor of the Dali Lams, “What is beyond existence and non-existence?” – – – The response, “Beyond Existence and Non-Existence Is Truth.” (No knower, No existence) 
~ We did a meditation Breathing In absorbed & dissolved in Non-Existence and then Breathing Out into Existence here and now Present.
~ Soul appears to be an activity of God, of the infinite stillness but in actually the soul too is Stillness . . . Beyond practice is that which we cannot express . . .
~ And finishing the class with the vital importance of Hope . . . of nurturing it, calling it forth, cherishing it . . .  till the last breath, “There is Always Hope.”

August 7th: Change Is Coming: Shahabuddin: “As spiritual people we need to understand ‘Change’ so that we are not just reacting to it but we are contributing ‘Consciously’. Shahabuddin then read HIK:

“You are my life, it is in you that I live,
From you I borrow life and you do I give;
O my soul and spirit, you I adore,
I live in you, so do I live ever more.
You are in me and in you do I live,
Still you are my King and my sins you forgive.
You are the Present and Future and Past;
I lost myself, but I have found you at last.”

Shahabuddin also read the same reading at the end of class.

HIK goes on with, “Why, O my feeling heart
Do you live and die?
What makes my feeling heart
To laugh and to cry?
Death is my life indeed;
I live when I die.
Pain is my pleasure; when
I laugh, then I cry.

He also told the story of the Tavern that we grow to love more and more. Each time we hear it we feel more free! Knowing that we are all intoxicated with this life is a surrender. Yet having the choice of intoxicants is freedom. We feel deep compassion for ourselves and others knowing we are are all drunkards – and we can chose the source of all beauty as our drink.

July 31st: The four states of Prayer

July 24th: Connect with prophetic energy, our linage — Be a conduit for Divine Intelligence. Uncover our Soul. Find it. Commit to it. Keep concentrating on that experience. Live a Balanced Life with a settled steady rhythm. From that base harmonize, bring kindness, discover beauty. (No resources at this time)

LINK: July 24th: Text Resources ~ Harmony

July 17th: For as Shahabuddin emphasized on July 17th how impossible it is to use words to explain the Truth.’ In that conversation it is true he went on to then use a lot of words explaining but as he spoke, there was the feeling he was trying to release us from the bondage of not just words but our way of ‘Thinking’ that can never be the awakening we seek. He then spoke of that mysterious Sufi term, ‘Unlearning’.  And how we have a whole paradigm, an embedded pathway to understanding that I have been acculturated into from birth.  What does the fish know of the water. We need each other, for what do the Blind know of that Great Elephant of Truth. — Shams

LINK: July 17th Some Videos plus Text

LINK: July 17th More Shahabuddin Videos

March 27th: A shift in what ‘The Message’ is calling forth in us. We might say it is shift from ‘Getting It’ to ‘Being It’ or perhaps from ‘Thinking’ to ‘Feeling’ — a different kind of knowing.

LINK: March 27th: A Beginning/The New Sangathas

A Request and A Warning: Please do not share this Sangatha material with others. Also, there is a great danger in using too many words, too much thinking and imagining we can think our way to a new way of knowing.

LINK To All Collected July Comments


3 thoughts on “A New Begining ~ a shared blog

  1. How important Hope is to me . . . through it I Live, I Love . . . it guides me, to comforts me . . . it is complete upon itself, results are secondary . Shams

  2. Thank you for you comment. The wonderful thing about poetic speech is it is not meant to be understood in the ‘linear mind’ way. It expands to a realm of being that is much more spacious but it is also a trap. We are about to work with Attar’s Conference of the Birds next week and the Partridge has fallen in love with its own words and it holds on to them so tightly that when they come out the other end they are as little blooded pebbles. For me it safest to be a know nothing. Of course I just did perhaps what you were describing. It is difficult unlearning.

  3. In your comment Shams, I see — Know Nothing…Feeling….Truth
    Kind of rich for me. I will look forward to processing it.

    I like the blog idea a lot. Another step in keeping the teachings present.——Hidayat

We are all Blind . . . Share your experience of The Great Elephant . . .

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