Mastery ~ It’s not about Concepts

“Through Mastery we convey upon God a mode of knowing.” Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan

Q: In my life I hear many teaching stories but only a few strike me so deeply that I remember them for the rest of my life. What is so special about these particular stories?

A: What is special is not the story but the way you hear the story.  An inner sensibility listens within you and then guides you towards the purpose of your life.  Mastery is developing the skills to follow this spirit of guidance.

Q: With stories like ‘Who is to say if it is a blessing or a curse‘ I seem to understand it but wonder if I am missing something?

A: What we learn from this story is not the words Mendal speaks.  These are just concepts.  As he speaks we become aware of the consciousness he brings to the words,  for he speaks with such detachment, balance, and equanimity.   Certainly, Mendal is a master of his own mind and this Mastery is what is transpiring behind that which appears.

Q: I try to attain Mastery but with so little success.  What am I doing wrong?  What can I do differently?

A: The story, “You can’t get there from here” applies to your previous attempts trying to change the mind with the mind.  This is not possible, for the mind cannot make itself into the Master; it can only serve the state of being that is the Master. 

Q: As I try to rein in my mind, I make deals with the mind, perhaps offering it the possibility of a future blessing if it withholds judging the present event as a curse.  If this is my mind speaking to itself, then “Where am I and who am I?”

A: During sitting meditation, you develop conscious identification – not with the body with its assorted pains or pleasures, not with the mind with its myriad thoughts and obsessions.  You identify with a larger whole, and that is the source you seek. 

A: “Where am I and wh0 am I?”  These are real questions. For me the answers to such questions comes through sitting meditation in communion with God.  Mastery is maintaining that connection to God and following that guidance.

Q: Often I hear a silent whisper warning me to refrain from doing or saying something.  Is this voice coming from the realm of mastery?

A: This voice is your own self, helping you remember who you are and why you are here.  And the more you listen and follow this voice, the deeper that communion becomes. 

Bless You – Pir Vilayat


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