Dear One (older version)

It is not the physical breath of which we speak. The Physical Breath and Mental Concentration practices lead to a state in which the Mind becomes clear and spacious enough to allow us to identify with the Breath of God.

Help me to let go and feel the spacious opening of a mind not cluttered by unnecessary things for this is the best season of my life.  The budding leaves. The breeze. The open sky. The Milky Way.  All of it helps me remember for it is remembrance itself.

” Ours is not a caravan of despair.  Come Dear One , even if I have broken my vows a thousand times. Come, yet again , come , come. ” . . . Thank you Rumi 

Pir Vilayat, Blessings be upon him, guided me to reach up to  the highest spheres well beyond joy into an ecstasy that sweeps out the clutter of my mind.  And, Blessing upon Blessings, when I settle back into my outward breath, I am without identification, I am just awareness.

In my Democracy article published late last year, I realized I need to know more of the citizens of Grant County. The plan now, is to aim towards writing a newspaper series, “We Are Grant County’ in which I talk with people at their home or workplace, filming it and then write a short piece about it for the paper linking it to the media itself. 

When someone starts asking me a question or shares a special feeling, my eyes close and I go deep within. Very deep. ‘I’ am gone . . . gone away.  In what is a timeless duration, I open my eyes and share a reflection upon what they said or asked.  I could explain this as a product of my elder mind struggling to be in focus, but I don’t care what it is. I accept it. I appreciate it. And if I need to call it something, I imagine it as deep listening‘.  Let us imagine a wonderful world together.

Taking a gentle in-breath, the half breath, is enough for me to allow my deeper self to become present.  But I need a cue, an early warning sign. I have found it. It is when without patience “I think I have something I must get in — as if I know what is right.”  Then I am starting to become possessed by my own opinion, and if I catch my self at this very beginning stage, I only need to practice one gentle in-breath to be Present. But more often than I would like to admit it explodes into ‘interrupting’ and even the egregious of sins, ‘over talking’. 
Dear One Help me.

Having a plan, an agenda, having something ‘You’ want to say, these desires and expectations to ‘make’ it one way — All this interferes with the effectiveness of the gentle in-breath — Expect Not — Plan Not — Be In The Natural State — Be Not The Molder & Shaper of Thoughts — Be Not The Controller of Events. Let Them Be. Assume Not – Imagine Not – Predict Not. “Dhems a lot of Nots.”;)

In The Path of Gardening, in this work of Breathing-In poisons of this world, openly receiving, accepting and letting then in, really feeling them and then Letting Them Go.  Here I find a worthy Life Work. 

 “It seems like everything I do and say and create are all letters to my Self ” Rather a pompous statement but surprisingly true.

Music: Mutu Qabla from Maitreya & Friends CD ‘almighty PEACE’ – Amazon


We are all Blind . . . Share your experience of The Great Elephant . . .

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