Dear One,

‘Dear One’ Letters: I write to remember. I write to affirm. I write to concertize. And sometimes I just write letters. Sometimes they are to a specific person but often they are just my own day by day Teachings and Exercises .

Mar 9 —  Dear One, There is a Freedom allowing another to be silent, to be of quiet vibrations, of not catching the obsession with the virus or news. Many of us really need that quietude.

Mar 3 —  Again and Again Freedom  — 1st Weeding and Composting then comes The Watering ~ The Giving of Benediction.   Through Vigilance.  This Breath and The Next.  Letting go of Attachment to Thoughts or Feelings in The Natural State . . . Yes Yes Yes . . .  

Mar 2 — Help me to let go and feel the spacious opening of a mind not cluttered by unnecessary things for this is the best season of my life.  The budding leaves. The breeze. The open sky.  The Milky Way.  All of it helps me remember for it is remembrance itself.

Feb 28 — I become less and less each day. I know less and less each day. For this I am Thankful . . . and when I enter into a state with the music and the beautiful voices, with the mountains, the open sky, all are a gateway that opens to ‘That’ which is beyond joy.  And Blessings upon Blessings when I return as ‘That’.  The music, the singing is special. The pathway is special.
I am not special — For I am nothing.

Feb 26 — ” Ours is not a caravan of despair.  Come Dear One , even if I have broken my vows a thousand times. Come, yet again , come , come. ” . . . Thank you Rumi 
Feb 25 — It is so tempting to take the easy way out, finding faults in others and seeing their narrowness, while imagining I am somehow better.  But my real work is the continual welcoming of ‘the unwanted’.  First with the sensorial feelings in the body and then letting go of it all with openness and softness.  For me the biggest huddle is the grip of the reactive self that is unnecessary and causes more pain to the world.  Remember, the unwanted also comes as those positives that I attach to imagining they are a secure and steady but they are not. — Practice letting go of these too, let go of all of it.  You have been given the gift of the gentle in-breath.  Honor this great blessing with Practice. Be Vigilant.  Let It ALL Fall Away. At the very least stop the reactive self from meanness or teasing.  ‘This can be the best season of your life when the mind is clean and clear.’

Feb 18 — Darvesha, I have as a motto, ‘There are so many ways to kiss the earth’ and now I realize it applies to us, for I engage in ‘Weeding’ quite differently than you. But I hope I am able to reach a similar open accommodating awareness. The actual process is a mysterious one filled with blessing and is prone to have the mind tell many stories about it. But the gist of it is, that Pir Vilayat, blessings be upon him, guided me to reach up to  the highest spheres well beyond joy into an ecstasy that sweeps out the clutter of my mind.  And, Blessing upon Blessings, when I settle back into my outward breath, I am without identification, I am just awareness.
On paper this sounds like a wonderfully neat and tidy plan but for me I need a steady dose of the great sweep of nature otherwise I get Lost-In-Thought.  😉  — Shams

Feb 14— Dear Sandy and Jelilah, The moving van comes at the end of March and we feel we can never be ready but we still keep on slowly . . . slowly getting there  . . .  About the newspaper writing: With all the prep for moving and the intense work last month on the Gardening media piece with Darvesha, I have set aside the writing but it is more than that, for in the Democracy piece late last fall, I said we need to listen and care about the needs of our neighbor, the farmer, the rancher, the miner, the senior citizen.  So to be authentic I cannot write more until I meet the citizens of Grant County. The plan now, is to write a newspaper series, “We Are Grant County’ in which I talk with people at their home or workplace, filming it then write a short piece about it for the paper linking it to the media itself. — The Homesteader —  The Rancher — The Miner —  The Farmer — The Activist etc.  I could write to the newspaper to get their preliminary OK and then do a few examples and go from there. Actually, you two may be able to help directly in this work, I would love to hear you voices in writing some of the short pieces with me furnishing you with the filming of the person. So perhaps, we can chant again, “The Game is afoot.” :).  Thanks again so much for your help in writing, it means so much to me to not be alone in this work.  PS: Darvesha, I copied you in this Email because I thought of you when the word, ‘Homesteader’ popped up — perhaps, our first filming on your land might just be that, ‘The Homesteader ~ Deeply of The Land‘ it would help me get started with the project.
Feb 13— Shams, why explain everything, just accept it and let it be. Case in point: As someone starts asking me a question or shares a special feeling, my eyes close. And I go deep within. Very deep. ‘I’ am gone . . . gone away.  After what is a timeless duration, I open my eyes and share a reflection upon what they said or asked.  I could explain this as a product of an elder mind struggling to be in focus, but I don’t care what it is. I accept it. I appreciate it. And if I need to call it something, I imagine it as ‘deep listening‘.  Let us imagine a wonderful world together.

Feb 10 — Taking a gentle in-breath, what I call a half breath, is often enough for me to allow my deeper self to become present.  But I need a cue, an early warning sign, so I can open and soften to the unwanted.  Miraculously this last weekend I am graced with discovery of the one warning sign for me that rules them all. It is when “I think I have to some to say – something I must get in.”  This is the sign that I am starting to become possessed by my own opinion, and if I catch my self at this very beginning stage, I only need to practice one gentle in-breath — Opening and Softening to The Unwanted.  If I don’t catch it early, I become self centered and quit listening.  Also more often than I would like to admit it explodes into ‘interrupting’ and even the egregious of sins, ‘over talking’.  — Help me.
Feb 4 — Having a plan, an agenda, having something ‘You’ want to say, these desires and expectations to ‘make’ it one way — All this interferes with the effectiveness of the gentle in-breath — Expect Not — Plan Not — Be In The Natural State — Be Not The Molder & Shaper of Thoughts. Be Not The Controller of The Space / The Events. Let Them Be. Assume Not – Imagine Not – Predict Not. “Dhems a lot of Nots.”;)

Feb 2 — This Path of Gardening is such a gift to me but it is just a bunch of words unless I honor it with practice—In this breath and — In the next. My dad has a way of putting it, “Purgatory is filled to the brim with hypocrites.” To avoid such fate, I ask for help this next week as I vow to take gentle In-Breath before reacting. I call these half breaths.  I will report back on the change this brings about.– Inshallah.

Feb 1 — In The Path of Gardening I find a means to live my life purpose. Before this, as a worker bee I could never find a work that is both large enough and effective enough to satisfy my need to serve.
This work is Breathing-In poisons of this world openly receiving, accepting and letting them go. Then Breathing-Out as a sacred benediction the gentle softness that Is Peace.  Yes, it is now my Great Secret and it is magical. I offer this merit accrued here to Thee.

Feb 1 — Darvesha, There is the term from playing poker which is, “ I am All In “ — that’s how I am. I try to keep balanced but it is intoxicating.  I am sending the videos we did about ’The Path of Gardening’.  They are in two different  collections — a seven part series and a three video set in which 1-2 and 3-4-5 and 6 -7 are combined.  I personally prefer the many inoculations approach, with those small, separate doses more easily contemplated and practiced by me. Perhaps this is because my elder mind cannot retain much beyond the present moment.
I am excited about our work together. And as you can be enamored with your mind, I can be enamored with ‘Planning’.  With that in mind I hope I can film you later this year as you walk around your land and home.  I no longer feel filming a person just ’Sitting’ works well enough. Movement is needed. Spaciousness is needed. Both ‘Enlarge’ the feeling that comes through.

Jan 30 — “It seems like everything I do and say and create are all letters to my Self ” Rather a pompous statement but surprisingly true.

Music: Mutu Qabla from Maitreya & Friends CD ‘almighty PEACE’ – Amazon


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