Where to Die

(3) Almost everyone says they want to die at home and yet only 23% actually do. Most die in hospitals or end of life nursing homes. How and where do you want to die? What can you do to help bring this about?

Thread 1 — “Doing Zikr. — I choose the American Indians way of knowing when it is time to die. Going into nature and make the transition. I believe this is how many swamis in India die having set the date and time in advance. — It takes physical and mental ability to make this choice. I hope I have that at the time it is needed. If this is my imagination may it be so.”

Thread 2 — “I have terminal cancer and would like to die at my cousins. If at all possible if not then a nice hospice room.”

Moderator — Thank you everyone . . . We die in solitude but we also all die together . . . it is a journey we share . . . and lest I say, I am proud we are able to share something so deeply, so intimately — In Truth.