Being with someone when they die

2) Have you been with someone is dying? Have you ever seen a person take their last breath? How did being with one who is dying effected you?

Thread 1 — “Yes, many times. Let there be no mistake, there was much selfish sadness. The other part of it was this blessing was the we got to witness their spirit soar to the universe and we knew it was only there temporary body that was left behind. In the following moments, we realized this individual left a library of precious and not-so-precious memories for me to pull up whenever. We witnessed children and all ages, we sat with them and reminded them that their journey here was valued. We learnt that death is not something to fear as it gives us overwhelming memories that we think we might forget. To me, death just means a transitional move with being a part of life that was loved by many.”

Thread 2 — I’ve been with several. In each case I was humbled with gratitude to be present at such a sacred event.