Life After Death

(1) Do you believe in something after death? What do you feel happens to you after you die? What if anything is next?

Thread 1 — No one really knows and those that do aren’t talking.
A Reply — ‘Arn’t talking’ . . . how true that is . . . the ones that are realized say very little . . .
Another Reply — “It very much has a solitary aspect but I feel it comes down to some aspects cannot be put into words or thoughts, they are larger than that”

Thread 2 — “I asked this very question of a nurse during my recent hospital visit. ….she said they change the sheets, clean the room, and admit another patient. Mystery solved ! ! <;~”

Thread 3 — I am reminded of Murshid Sam’s response when he was asked, ‘When you die how will you know any of your students got it?’  And even before the question was fully stated Murshid was responding with a chuckle & laugh, he then started with explaining why he laughed, “In so much as I am conscious of my immortality direct, death has no meaning to me . . .”


We are all Blind . . . Share your experience of The Great Elephant . . .

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