“Die before Death”

(5) What does the wisdom quote, ‘To Die before death’ mean to you.
Thread 1 — “There is only this moment the past is dead and so is the future there will be a brief instant in all of our lives when the past and future meet it’s a practice
Reply 1 — “Nicely stated. This Moment is all there is. This Presence. This Breath. This meeting of past and future is us. And yet right now I also hear the cry from the future, what Pir called, “The Pull of the Future Is Stronger Than The Pull of the Past.” And then is what our indigenous friends call serving the next 7 generations. And so there is a practice that is the balance of complete nowness and with an awareness of serving the future. I don’t know. Does this make any sense?
Thread 2 — A video response by Ghassan Manasra

Reply 1 — “ As our dear teacher reminds – there is only one teacher !
Reply 2 — “ As a westerner I struggle with this idea of submission to a teacher or teaching. But ultimately it is submitting to my own higher self through ‘Allowing’ and ‘Listening’ and ‘Unlearning’ and most of all of ‘Losing my self Centeredness’.


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