Death Cafe On-Line

As we approach our Death Cafe together I am reminded of the story of the Elephant and the blind people. Each felt a different part and together they discovered the whole of it. Let’s discovery. Let’s Share. Let’s Listen. To Each Other.  

Each of the attached drop down pages contain a discussion question about death. As you feel so moved make comments and replies below each question. Carefully listening to another is itself a kind of inner reply. Take your time; this topic is to be approached slowly, with honesty as each feels their way and listens to others. You might even try doing just one a day. 

Note: Let’s keep our comments and replies Anonymous. Intimacy and Anonymity can work together.

As your submitted comments collect we will later add them to the main body of that question’s page. Feel free to add a new question to our collection just indicate at the beginning of the comment — NEW QUESTION in CAPS


Please share ideas or feelings about our work above share in the box below.

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