Mar 27th Sangatha Media Program 1st Half

Mar 27th Sangatha: That morning there was a shift in what ‘The Message’ is calling forth in us. The change is pronounced. It is difficult to put into words quite what this shift is, but we might say it is shift from ‘Getting It’ to ‘Being It’ or perhaps from ‘Thinking’ to ‘Feeling.


I very much appreciated the addition of the text with the audio. It helps me to take in information through multiple senses. I find it especially difficult to remember the content when only hearing it.  Also, I found the picture of the earth and sunrise is quite beautiful. NUR

I find the text messaging very helpful.  It helps to transfer the strong emotional experience which I receive from listening, into words that my mind can grasp and can turn into memory.  Sometimes I am so moved by the talk or teaching yet can barely recall any of the information which I have just listened to.  Thus the text helps select out key points which works for me.  I would further appreciate it if at the end there could be a text summary followed by the “homework”  assignment, which I find most helpful. — HIDAYAT

“The text messages are distracting. Very quickly I stopped trying to read them, and just listened. I trust my own inner process with listening. I’ll draw from it what is most necessary for my soul in the hear and now. DEBRA

Also, I like the use of the planetary image to post the text on. It is helpful to create an expanded consciousness for me.  It is a very pleasing image. I thought the image of the expanding sun at the end was fabulous. — HIDAYAT

“The Text helps my memory function. It is a good outline which also helps me to navigate non-linearly as I look back upon what had been said as something apparently new is being added. If I don’t have a hold on what had been said because of poor short term memory then I cannot appreciate the context what is now being said. –SHAMS


We are all Blind . . . Share your experience of The Great Elephant . . .

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