The New Sangathas: Our Individual & Collective Shift

These are critical times. And we are called to task. It is up to us.

Be It: One view point is that on Mar 27th there was a shift in what ‘The Message’ calls forth in us. The change is pronounced. It is difficult to put into words quite what this shift is, but we might say it is shift from ‘Getting It’ to ‘Being It’ or perhaps from ‘Thinking’ to ‘Feeling. It includes a letting go of self-centeredness, dense emotions and our conceptual thinking. And this shift does not stop there. It goes on to the 3rd Level of Perception which we might call, ‘Exultation‘ — Being in the state of Oneness. Our work now is not to talk about it, study it, but our job is with increasing frequency and duration Be It.

Exultation*: Not the words. Not the Ideas. But a State of Being. It is calling us forth. Recently in a May gathering, the word ‘Exultation’ is used to describe the general territory of this state of being which is beyond ‘Thinking’ and ‘Feeling’. Perhaps this is what PIK referred to as the need of the day for, ‘Sacredness’ — ‘A State of Sacredness’. Our work is to bring forth with increasingly duration and frequency this state of being.

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