Meditative/Contemplation In Stillness, In Silence

Our Focus: We enter Meditative/Contemplation through the blessing of an inspiring teacher, in a penetrating photo or inspiring music. In all of this, we experience a state that is a different kind of knowing. Perhaps every jewel of wisdom, every inspiring photo and every transporting piece of music is at its heart a Koan to be meandered through not knowing it but entering a state of being that knows.

Clean and Clear: We hope the selections chosen here can help clear away the density and bless us with a state Ghassan calls, ‘Being Clean and Clear‘.

Humbly and in Thanksgiving, we offer our homage to Thee – – Shams

Spring 2020 ~ Meditative/Contemplations


SEEDS: Murshid Sam & Joe Miller



I ~ Am ~ Loving ~ Awareness : Ram Dass