Ibn Arabi ~ Video Six

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Video Six

“ It follows that the divine nature, virtual in its principle can only exist in beings who unfold its qualities, and experience there in themselves.”  

“Thus the archetypes of our being exist of all eternity in the divine essence, but can only fulfill themselves in our existence: we discover them in that which they make of us.  

“It is the archetype peculiar to ourselves that is our particular Sovereign. 

It is to you that the Sovereignty of your Lord has been entrusted and it is expected of you to live up to this investiture. 

“Ibn ‘Arabi never severs God’s cognizance from his love. His creation is an act of compassion, delivering his potentialities from the loneliness of the non-manifest state; the longing for manifestation is originally in Him; and if He wished to contemplate the form of his image by manifesting it to view, it is because He loves its beauty. 

“Hence, it is out of the love of the latent beauty of our souls that He created us as objects of His love. 

“He creates Himself in you as a token as a His love for the creature; your soul is the image of the creator in which He manifests Himself.  The sympathy between the principle and the form in which it exists is a romance between the celestial and terrestrial. For the love within God — the eternal attire, — to unfold, He must needs make the creature His beloved, who will in turn constitute Him into the loved one. Therefore say Ibn ‘Arabi “He is the one, who in every loved one manifests to the view of each lover”.  

“One must know how to recognize in every loved one the one and only beloved.” 

“The lover prolongs the divine action imagining the world, in that God imagines God’s creator by idealizing God’s beloved.

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10 thoughts on “Ibn Arabi ~ Video Six

  1. In the words, in the ideas, and in the meanings, I can no longer tell who is speaking. Is it Ibn Arabi being quoted? Is it Pir Vilayat’s comments? Or is Shahabuddin’s Commentary ? For to me they are vibration’ally as One.

  2. Shahabuddin says: Beauty is the manifestation of Love. I might add: Manifestation is the beauty of Love.
    The last lines of Shahabuddin are crystal clear: “First we learn that God loves us. Then we learn that we love God. Then we learn that we are Love. Then we learn that we are God loving through us.”
    What more words do we need?

    1. Yes . . . What more words do we need . . . LOVE is such a operational energy that with ease opens me to the different levels of My Own Being With You . . . Like the male bear it is this scent that I Follow and Follow. Shams

  3. “One must know how to recognize in every loved one the one and only beloved.”

  4. In Chinese Medicine, the energy structure of our being is perceived as an inner kingdom and the heart is viewed its sovereign. the first point on the heart meridian is called “Utmost Source.” How appropriate the heart is always talked about as the one representing God in us.

  5. Ahh…so profoundly beautiful and essential. It’s my second time listening and I’m sure there will be a third and forth. I love the call to ‘feel it, breath into it’. To make sense of the words and then the words touch something very deep inside..something is being transformed through the experience. A very deep thank you.

  6. Thank you, for me it standing as the doors of the cave of Ala Din open, and the treasures is revealed, blinding, unimaginable yet real. More real than anything I ever seen or imagined seeing or hoped to see. Thank you.

  7. In answer to the question about limiting text, all is enriching . One could argue for all versions. Thank you 💌

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