All Ghassan Zikr and 99 Name Classes are canceled until later this summer or early fall.  He is in Jerusalem this summer. Later he will decide. Recall the 99 Name Zoom link and password below.  PASSWORD is  ‘ 2020 ‘

In the spring Sheik Ghassan Manasra offered two Zoom streaming services.
(1) A Weekly Zikr offered on Thursdays at 2:00 EST using our common Zoom ID  —
PASSWORD ‘ 2020 ‘
(2) Ghassan also offers a 99 Name Class every Sundays at 2:00 pm EST.
Next 99 Name Class there is JUNE 28th 1at 2:00 – 3:00pm EST.
His Zoom Link:  PASSWORD is ‘ 2020

Come join us to listen to Ghassan’s wonderful chanting and discourse as well as our shared perspectives.  And if you benefit from it or you just want to support Ghassan below.

Financial Support: Ghassan gives his 99 Names Classes Weekly in Groupings of 10 Names — most often they occur in a continuous stream of consecutive weeks.  The charge is $150 for the ten classes or $20 per occasion. NEW SERIES IS STARTING. All money raised goes to support Ghassan and his family.  $150 for ten classes payment by PayPal or $20 per visit by Paypal  Or checks to Ghassan Manasra / 3520 Brookline Dr. / Sarasota, Fl 34239. Any questions or problems contact Shams at

These are just $ guide lines give more or less. Use your own judgement.
Link To Ghassan’s  99 Name Class Web Site

One thought on “Ghassan’sClass

  1. These classes and the sharing of our little community are very precious to me. I wish Ghassan and his family great blessings and happiness and above all safety. I wait patiently to see you all again and miss you! al-Wajid. May we all find what we seek. Love, Anwari

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