Sheik Ghassan’s 99 Name Class

Come join us for Sheik Ghassan Manasra’s 99 Name Class on Sunday afternoons at 3:00 EST NEW TIME AT 5:00 EST and, or his Zikr on Thursday evenings at 7:30 EST. To participate Live in either use the Zoom Link below with the Password of ‘ 2020 ‘ near the time listed.

” I’m very delighted to announce a new beginning of our Zikrs and 99 Name Classes together.  It makes me very happy will be together again, For to sail in the sea of light, and to pick the fruits of the knowledge.” ~ Ghassan

Oct 11th Recordings Al-Wajid Next Al-Majid

Oct 18th ~ Recording Al-Majid then Al-Wahid

Sheik Ghassan’s Class is at a level few of us realize
– – – 5 min Extract from Oct 11th – – –

Subscriber Payment: Many of you are already paid up from early this spring when we canceled classes abruptly. Payments details for those who are new and those that wish to re-start their subscription ahead of time just to help support Ghassan are below.

Recordings: Our three most recent 99 name classes are available.

Class Fee:  Ghassan gives his 99 Names Classes Weekly in Groupings of 10 Names — most often they occur in a continuous stream of consecutive weeks.  The charge is $150 for the ten classes or $20 per occasion. All money raised goes to support Ghassan and his family.  $150 for ten classes payment by PayPal or $20 per visit by Paypal  Or checks to Ghassan Manasra / 3520 Brookline Dr. / Sarasota, Fl 34239. Any questions or problems contact Shams at

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