Deepenings: Small Support Groups

A New Way of Being: Perhaps, ‘The Message’ is calling forth a shift to a new way of Being. It is not so much attained as entered. It is not reached by thinking, nor trying to get it, but instead we feel our way, not quite knowing but being in a state that is Awakening. We are called to let go of the denseness of thinking. To let go of the intoxication of action and doing. And in the Silence to vigilantly be in connection and identity with the One Consciousness. Hopefully, these Deepenings are one small attempt to help in this shift.

An Example, ‘The Space between our thoughts’: Consider one particular teaching we were given by Shamcher Beorse. “The Answer lies in the space between your thoughts.” For years we tried to get it, understand it, ‘Think’ about it. Now, a dawning realization is appearing that this space between our thoughts, ‘Is Consciousness and we are not separate from it. Our Deepenings is a place to increasingly open to ‘That’. We make this shift alone but we are not alone.

The OverThinkers: (1 or 2 openings)
Prerequest: A Wiliness to Change — To actually take that next step. Group is dedicated to moving from the Dense 1st Level of Perception, ‘The Thinking Form‘ to the 2nd level of Perception, ‘The Realm of Feeling / Spacious Awareness‘, Weekly Zoom is on Wednesday 3:00 EST. We help each other to make this shift, in our own and collective way.

The Unpackers: Open Group: We operate primarily through text exchanges, little or no Zooming. We connect through Emails and Comments at our web page. There as individuals, we explore media text quotes and wisdom pieces dedicating ourselves to shifting to another way of unpacking more akin to Contemplation than figuring it out.

In Stillness, In Silence We Contemplate: As an open group we use inspiring photos, wisdom pieces and music to enter a state of Contemplating. And although some text exchanges occur through commenting, this journey is primarily one we take alone. No Zooming.







We are all Blind . . . Share your experience of The Great Elephant . . .

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