Death 2.0 v2

D-1a ~ Why Are We Afraid of Death
D-1a2 ~Our Soul Freed from Bondage of Our Stories – Die Before Death
D-1b ~ Meditation: A Mind Beyond The Body
D-1c ~ Releasing Our Self from the Bondage of the Body
D-1c2 ~ Exercise: My HAND Our HANDS

D-2a ~ Intro – What’s Your Cover
D-2b ~ Exercise: 2 Person Sharing Without A Cover
D-2c ~ Packing Our Bags / Our 5 Gifts

D-3a – Soul Powering Mind/ Mind looking glass of Body
D-3b – Circle Zikr / reference title only no sound or video
D-3c1 – The Soul Is Truth
D-3c2 – Meditation: Withdrawing from Body / from Mind

D-4a1 – Intro to Med ~ Dying to self / The Soul IS Love
D-4a2 – Meditation ~ The Soul Only ~ Denying Mind Body
D-4a3 – After Meditation Discourse and Questions
D-4b1 – Retreat Review + 2 Person Exercise – 3 Breath then Share a Gift
D-4b2 – Abrahamic Reunion Update
D-4c1 – A Time for Change
D 4c2 – Meditation: Breathing Through The Mind / Discover A Gift
D-4c3 – After Meditation Discourse and Questions

D-5a – General Feedback and Questions
D-5b1 – Funeral Reading HIK
D-5b2 – Reading ‘Soul Manefesting’ +Closing Remarks
Home Work: Tibetan Book of Great Liberation

Here are two videos from Part 1.
Death Part 1 Review ~ The ONE SOUL : The Soul
Death Part 1 ~ Global Sun Meditation / All-Pervading Love