Death 2.0 ~ Death as an Ally for Living

All The Death 2 Videos are no longer available here. You can still access the first eight below without a password. For details about getting the password for the rest of the videos and about joining a Zoom Group Study go to our new separate Death Web Site

Death As an Ally for Living Videos with text assist

First Zoom Week
(1) Our Cover & Why Are We Afraid of Death
(2) Our Fear of Death (continued)
(3) Everything Is God. 
(4) The Soul’s Eternal Nature ~ Abstract and Finite
(5) Death, Pain and Loss
(6) Meditation Part 1:  ‘Letting Go of Body/Mind Attachment’
(7) Meditation Part 2:  ‘Disappearing Body Parts’

(8) After Meditation Discourse and Questions
(9) Death ~ The Great Teacher
(10) Meditation ~ My Hand / This Hand / A Hand / No Hand
(11) After Meditation Discourse ~  This One Hand
(12) Partner Exercise: Two Hands Become One

Second Zoom Week
(1) Knowing Your Cover and Letting It Go
(2) Exercise Partners: ‘Talking Without Any Covers
(3) Exercise Partners: ‘What Are You Taking With You / Your Gifts
(4) Three Person Exercise:  ‘Experiencing Your Own Funeral
(5) Meditation: ‘Consciously Dying‘ ~ The Four Openings
(6) An Introduction to Manners of Dying Meditation
(7) Meditation: ‘Three Manners of Dying’
(8) End of morning session ~ Sharing Questions & Responses
(9) Discourse: Death Can Guide Us
(10) Humanity’s Evolution: We Can Effect The Future
(11) Our Evolution: No Longer Needing Concepts of Heaven & Hell

Third Zoom Week
(1) Discourse: Soul Consciously Interacting with Body/Mind
(2) The Work of Spreading Blessing
(3) Grief ~ A Very Personal Journey ~ An Invitation To Grieve
(4) Discourse: Allow God to Be ~ Allow your Soul To Be
(5) Meditation: Developing Consciousness of Our Soul: The Enlivener of Body/Mind
(6) Exercise: Indian Scale ~ Being in The Natural State

Fourth Zoom Week
(1) Discourse: Conscious Dissolution of Individuated Self
(2) Meditation: ‘The Abstract Energy of The Soul‘
(3) After Meditation Discourse and Questions/Responses
(4) Three Breath Partner Sharing Our Gifts
(5) A Time for Change
(6) Meditation: ‘Breathing Through The Mind ~ Landscape Images’
(7) After Meditation Discourse and Questions
(8) General Commenting and Question’s
(9) A Funeral Reading For Us That Grieve
(10) Reading ‘Soul Manifesting’+Closing Remarks
(11) Home Work: Tibetan Book of Great Liberation
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