D-5b Funeral Reading

Mourn not over the death of the beloved, call not back the traveler who is on his/her journey towards his/her goal; for you know not what he/she seeks!  You are on the earth, but now he/she is in heaven.

By weeping for the dead you will make sad the soul who cannot return to earth; by wishing to communicate with him/her, you do but distress him/her.  He/she is happy in the place at which he/she has arrived; by wanting to go to him/her you do not help him/her; your life’s purpose still keeps you on earth.  No creature that has ever been born has belonged in reality to any other; every soul is the beloved of God.  Does God not love as we human beings cannot?  Death, therefore, does but unite a person with God.  For to Who does the soul in truth belong?  To God in the end is its return, sooner or later.

Verily, death is a veil behind which is hidden life which is beyond the comprehension of the people on earth.  If you knew the freedom of that world, and how the sad hearts are unburdened of their load; if you knew how the sick are cured, how the wounded are healed, and what freedom the soul experiences as it goes further from this earthly life of limitations, you would no more mourn those who have passed, but pray for their happiness in their further journey and for the peace of their souls.

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