Comments from July

Shams: I Really Know Nothing. It’s an insecure feeling. But it is true. I know nothing. Perhaps, it is better to be uncomfortable with this reality than trying to know. ~ a Know Nothing 😉
Reply from Hidayat: In your comment Shams, I see — Know Nothing…Feeling….Truth. Kind of rich for me. I will look forward to processing it.I like the blog idea a lot. Another step in keeping the teachings present.
SIRKAR JAN GOEDBLOED: The problem with words and concepts is that when I use them (I think) I know what they represent in my mind. For someone else (and often also for myself) they are just concepts. How can you learn the reality behind concepts? How can you teach the reality behind concepts? Reality is different for everyone. Shahabuddin talks about ‘our many paths up the mountain’. He is my guide who is standing at a higher point and calls out: “Maybe you should go left there, that route seems easier to me.” In this way Shahabuddin’s way with words and concepts is very useful to me and so very often touches me in the mind and heart.
Reply from Shams: How can I be kind to you. And to my self. While still standing tall in Truth. I know mostly what Does Not Work. For me it doesn’t work to ‘Understand’, to have it neatly figured out. For me the state of Bewilderment is a way out. For me the state, of not knowing myself. Having lost ahold of the container. There I begin to escape from the trap of my own way of learning. And what you described as beautiful as it is, as ‘Valid’ as it is, in my state of bewilderment it just falls away and nothing is left. I suspect I make no sense. – – – Love – – –
MU’IZZA: Beloved Shams.. Beloved friends, floating in the vast chasms between knowable consepts, there is attempt to make accommodation for the unknowable. Yet an ACCOMMODATION still, is a CONCEPT.
Here, a sense of companionship, in the inspiration to form this eddy in the vast chasm of swirling unmanafested. Hinting impressions, tender scents of essence exchanged and breathed in shared breath.
Truths with no knowable form. This is an eddy made of the very fabric of these light companions’ beings, drawn together. Here they are swirling, exchanging. Yet, briefly, before swirling back into the vastness of truth. – Ya Shakur.
Reply from Shams: Thank you for you comment. The wonderful thing about poetic speech is it is not meant to be understood in the ‘linear mind’ way. It expands to a realm of being that is much more spacious but it is also a trap. We are about to work with Attar’s Conference of the Birds next week and the Partridge has fallen in love with its own words and it holds on to them so tightly that when they come out the other end they are as little blooded pebbles. For me it safest to be a know nothing. Of course I just did perhaps what you were describing. It is difficult unlearning.
RÉGINE: Knowing deeply is, to me, akin to love: either it is there or it is not. Words do not matter. I have had flashes of insight that felt so true to me, but that I would be hard pressed to explain in words – I do not even care explaining them.
Reply from Shams: Grace ~ Love ~ Light ~ God ~ This Soul – – – All are just words. What you speak of is ‘The Actuality’ – – – Dear One Thank You – – –