APG Videos Payment Details – How to get the password.

APG Shahabuddin Videos:  All 23 of Shahabuddin’s APG 2019 Videos are available here. For your preview access # 10, #14 and #18 are not password protected. Cost for all of the videos is $60 if you attended the 2019 camp and $120 if you did not attend this year.

To buy the videos please make a $120 Paypal Paymentor a $60 PayPal Payment.  You may also write a check to: Sufi Services / CO Gerry Scott / 4721 Village Gardens Dr. Sarasota, Fl 34234. After payment Email Shams at —  gerryscott@me.com — for the password. Filming this year was completed by Agnieszka as Shams was in the Hospital.  The APG Videos money will be split between Agnieszka and Shams.

Note: These videos are password protected with a different password from that of Sangathas.