Audio Collections

For now the only audio collections we have available are “99 Teaching Stories”, Volumes 1 & 2.  Later, Inshallah we will add more collections.

Below is one of Shahabuddin Less 99 Teaching Stories Volume 1
It has been text’ized to blend with this 
video orientated site.

Greetings dear Friends —
We’re very excited to announce that the audio recording  “Shahabuddin Less – 99 Teaching Stories – Volume 2” is available to order.  The first set of ’99 Teaching Stories’ has been immensely popular, and I think this second collection of over 5 hours of spiritual storytelling will bring you as much pleasure and illumination as the first.  There are once again traditional Sufi teachings tales, fascinating recounting of Shahabuddin’s encounters with great spiritual masters, as well as personal stories that are often as poignant as they are amusing. The sound files are from 35 years of archival recordings of seminars from Seattle and other cities, professionally edited.
Here are the options for ordering either — or both — of the sets of 99 Teaching Stories. Please specify Volume 2, Volume 1 or both.


1. Dropbox (digital transfer): $20 (U.S. funds)  (You will need .5 gb of space in your Dropbox account.  It’s free service that gives you 4 gb of space). Please include your preferred e-mail address for Dropbox
2. MP3 disc: $25 (U.S. funds) shipped. Please include your shipping address (an MP3 disc will play on any computer’s media player and also in most car audio units as well as many later model CD players.  It contains about 5 hours of play-time).
3. 99 Stories on a USB flash drive: $29 shipped.  The collection can be played from the USB flash drive or transfer the files to your preferred destination.
Special offer: If you purchase both Volume 1 and 2 in the same order, take $5 off your total!
All prices are in U.S. dollars (Canadians can pay with CDN funds and please add $5, everyone else U.S. funds please).  If you live outside of North America, please add an additional shipping charge of $5.00 if choosing option #2 or #3 to cover additional shipping costs.
How to Pay:   1. Bank Check or Money Order to Amir O’Loughlin , 4464 James Street, Vancouver BC, Canada V5V 3J1
                        2.  Paypal – to
As always, a portion of the proceeds of these Shahabuddin audio sales goes to The Abrahamic Reunion to support their work for Peace Through Religion, bringing people from all faiths together in Israel and Palestine as well as around the world to promote peace, harmony & understanding.
love &  blessings to all — Amir O’Loughlin