Attar 5

5th bird/the dog of desire: This one is andicapped by bodily appetites — sensuality, surface sensuality. This bird is plagued by the a dog of desire; the Hoopoe simply clearly warned, “This is the dog of desire it get stronger when you pamper and weaker when you don’t. Don’t give in. Don’t pamper it. Don’t baby it. And you will overcome.”

The 6th Bird/of Vanity: We should say limited vanity, ego vanity, because all of this creation, this beauty is the result of God’s vanity, God’s desire to see itself, to see what it could create. It knew it was beautiful but it had never seen beauty. And all of this is as result of that Divine Vanity. But in a limited sense vanity can be quite dangerous. If we are everything and we say ‘See Me’ that’s OK. But if we are just living in a dualistic world and we say — ‘Just look at me, don’t look at the other. I am the beautiful one. I am more beautiful than you. This is the dualistic notion/demonic consciousness.
This demon has no power over the one who has abandoned the world

The 7th bird/caught by wealth and bound by lust for gold and riches. The answer: “Good fortune will come to you only as you give.

The 8th Bird/ Pleasure: ‘I have a golden palace. How can I be expected to give it up? Why should I expose myself to hardships?’ —“Death will one day turn your palace into a prison.
Shahabuddin: One day you will be forced to give it up. The Day of Death — But you won’t be able to give it up at that point. And your pleasure palace will turn into a prison.  Why? Because if we don’t give something up, when it is taken from us we have a tendency to be in-prisoned by the thought that I what I had was so wonderful is now taken from me. Where as if we learned in a sense to be detached it is already taken from us. And it can never be that which imprisons us.  


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One thought on “Attar 5

  1. I gained a lot from this session…it helped me see my particular struggle in the context of vanity, and that feeling I’ve overcome something often turns into ego game….turning my spiritual life into a ‘thing’. Much to contemplate…thank you.

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