Attar 3

See in the birds a deeper and wider understanding of one’s self

The Humay/The Ambitious: Now the author describes the ambitious one, (or the ambition in us) as the Humay  (whose shadow bests pomp upon kings): the shadow of ambition which hold the mighty in sway, the pride that makes one mustering power, ignore God. “Do I need the friendship of the Lord Simurgh, when I have royalty at my disposition?”  The Hoopoe gives warning of the vulnerability of might: “Supposing that your shadow set rulers on their throne, tomorrow they will meet misfortunes”.

The Hawk/The Subservient: Now the subservient one is described as the Hawk covering its eye that it may be contented to remain fesseled to it master’s fist. “He who plays for royal favors, obtains this desire in bondage . . .  A believer must needs offend a king”, is the answer.  Our subsidence to what gives us security stands in the way of our freedom to proceed on the path.

The Heron/The Unobtrusive One: Now the one whose unobtrusiveness has become an end in itself. The argument which so easily make: “How can one like me”, says the Heron. “Who seeks only a drop of water, cannot possibly attain union with God”. To this one who lulls themself into a feeling of false security, mistaking it for peace, that passeth understanding, the Hoopoe warns of the instability and unreliability of this improvised home.

The Owl/Attached to Its Treasures: Then the owl nature, whose love for this treasure casques him to abide in the ruins of life.  Here comes the classical reply: “When you die, it will not last.

The Sparrow/The Hypocrite:  Finally the fainthearted sparrow seeking out an excuse by reason of its fragility, who invokes out handicaps to cover their own lack of courage: that in us which tries to slip out of facing issues by spinning alibis.The only answer to that one is a command, to make up your mind for them. The Hoopoe calls him a little hypocrite. “If you burn you will burn with the others”.

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One thought on “Attar 3

  1. I have found myself in the position of the hawk and the heron, but I certainly have made excuses like the sparrow. I am still searching who I am right now

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