Attar 2

See in the birds a deeper and wider understanding of one’s self

The Peacock/The Power & Trap of Beauty: In the Peacock ‘displaying itself like a bride’, we recognize our vanity, our desire to be admired, which caused the peacock whooped their beauty to heave to be expulsed therefrom for having exploited this beauty and thereby misleading the  innocent of heart. In their craving for beauty, nevertheless, they show their longing for the heavenly abode, their natural home, but they do not which to reach beyond this gate to the Absolute.  Remember Rabia: “ If heaven should withhold me from Thy vision let me be deprived thereof ”. the Hoopoe gives them the cure for their ailment: “The object of our real desire is the palace of the king”.

The interesting thing about Beauty is you cannot create beauty if you don’t see Beauty, feel Beauty The Peacock in overly expressing Beauty lost the connection to its own inner Beauty. Never the less the connection with Beauty is so powerful that in the Peacock again and again it shows the longing for Heaven, the longing for Unity, the longing for God. But to go to that place of absolute Beauty we must give up ourself.

The Duck/Covered in Goodness and Afraid: In the Duck, we recognize those who cover their lack of courage for the positive quest of God under the guise of purity and benignity: the annihilsts who deny reality to creation, for who all is illusory and unstable. The hoopoe unveils the underlying lie: “Water is good only for those who have a fair countenance and clean face“.

— Shahabuddin’s Story of The Lion, The Lamb and The Goose

The Partridge: Now Attar describes the one who passionately clings to outer things, the Partridge, whose longing for precious stones brings them to the point of swallowing pebble which reappear tinged with by their blood.  They have their own preconceived ideas abut the value of people and things; and they assess their own nobility, discounting those who do not fit into their standards as ‘not worth considering’. The Hoopoe tries to cure them by casting this valuations in doubt, questioning this measuring rod of value, “The One who has the essence will not forsake it for the glitter of outer form”

Commenting Below: Peacock ~ Duck ~ Patridge: All three we are. Which one to you identify with the most and which one least. Explain if you wish

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8 thoughts on “Attar 2

  1. not to be afraid to look at myself, behind the appearance I present to the world, beauty, but also the ugly, refined and crude, clever and naive, a phenomenon, how I was created to live in this world and why

    1. Look at my self behind the appearance I present to the world.” – – – There my soul patiently waits to be present. Thy Will Be Done

  2. As the Partridge I cling, identify and attach to my ideas, my opinions and my words. As they come out held so tightly it is a Bloody mess 😉

  3. Shahabuddin’s commentary on expelling of Adam is quite rich and enlightening. I never viewed it from that perspective. It gives me hope.

  4. Aletheia

    It seems only realistic to think that my behaviour and attitudes in relation to the spiritual path have at some point been represented by each and all of the birds Attar describes. And this applies to the future as well. Perhaps a bird that has seemed less prominent in my life will become more so with time and then fade again. The hope is to learn from all of this! In the present, and viewing the past, there is least identification with the partridge and most with the peacock (a complex creature.) It’s revealing to look through this lens provided by Attar, with Shahabuddin’s illuminating commentary.

  5. I know I am in the deepest trouble and pain when I want to be right more than any thing else. When I feel that pain, it reminds me that my partridge nature has taken over. I am also curious about the “fear of seeking God.”

    1. I notice that partridge side when I feel I just “Have To Say This or Make That Point’. I am so tightly holding to my opinion I cannot listen deeply to ‘the other’. In fact my lack of listening creates this gap we call ‘the other’.
      Also, I too am curious in the same genre as your curiosity when Shahabuddin flat out says, ‘We Really Don’t Believe In God” and I take that to mean I don’t really believe, ‘Thou and you and I ARE ONE’ – – – Shams

      1. I can relate to that feeling of being right and wanting to express my opinion as I’m feeling it’s the right one rather than trying to understand where the other person is coming from.

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