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The Massenger Series below is password protected
with all the 1st videos in each series openly accessible

Mevlana Jelaluddin Rumi ~ All 12 Videos

Mansur Al Hallaj Video One
Mansur Al HallajVideo Two
Mansur Al HallajVideo Three
Mansur Al Hallaj Video Four
Mansur Al HallajVideo Five
Mansur Al HallajVideo Six.
Mansur Al HallajVideo Six Out-Take
Mansur Al HallajVideo Seven Conclusion

Ibn Arabi — Video One and Two
Ibn Arabi — Video Three, Four and Five
Ibn Arabi — Video Six.
Ibn Arabi — Video Seven and Eight.

Farid ud-Din Attar ~ The Conference of the Birds
Attar Intro 1 ~ General Hope for this Attar Series
Attar Intro 2 ~ Understanding Our Natures
The Attar videos have moved to: WeAreTheOne.Life

Attar 1 — https://youaretheonelife.wordpress.com/attar-1/
Attar 2 — https://youaretheonelife.wordpress.com/attar-2/
Attar 3 — https://youaretheonelife.wordpress.com/attar-3/
Attar 4 — https://youaretheonelife.wordpress.com/attar-4/
Attar 5 —  https://youaretheonelife.wordpress.com/attar-5/
Attar 6 —  https://youaretheonelife.wordpress.com/attar-6/
Attar 7 —  https://youaretheonelife.wordpress.com/attar-7/
Attar 8 — https://youaretheonelife.wordpress.com/attar-8/


We are all Blind . . . Share your experience of The Great Elephant . . .

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