2 thoughts on “2) Our Defensive Ego Structure

  1. This very defending is actually so painful. And we accept it as the normal state — the imbalance between Evolution and Involution, the imbalance becomes normal. But ‘It’ is always seeking to right itself. Hence, we are always in pain. 
Now of course there are moments when we are in more pain and ‘we realize’ we are in pain and then the moments of daily pain seem normal.

    1. Pain: I notice I actually seek out this pain through my habitual actions and inactions. Darvesha gave a graphic example of this last week (Warning this is a very visceral one) that really struck home for me. “In some Arabian countries the camels seek out and chews away on a certain very thorny bush. It seems they like the taste of blood.
      Unconsciously: Do I become so habituated to the pain, that I not only accept it, but over and over again seek it out, as I unconsciously am ruled by my ‘cravings‘ and ‘aversions‘ and ‘judgements‘ and ‘comparing‘ and those so many ways that Thoughts dominate my Being’. Of course the most obvious example being my craving and addition to the news — thus has been born the term, ‘News Fasts’. 😉

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