1) Responsibility/Our Individual Destiny

October 30 Excerpt (1st of 5)
Pennsylvania Impressionist Painting (not all need be bright colors)

4 thoughts on “1) Responsibility/Our Individual Destiny

  1. Evolution is the Movement Towards Realization."
    "Involution is the Movement Within Towards Stillness."
    . . . Hence The Practice of the Presence of God . . .
    . . . . . . Or Whatever You Want to Call It . . . . . .
    "Movement without Stillness creates Imbalance."
    "Stillness without Movement can create Imbalance."

    1. As I do my little tricks with ‘italics’ and ‘bolds’, I am reminded of Pir Vilayat saying
      “How easily and how steadily ‘The Form’, takes over, with its ever increasingly graphicness
      as it loses its connection with formless.”
      The more I am caught in the external the more I too lose
      that connection with the Source that is my Self.

  2. “The Impressionist were using the experience of ‘Stillness’ to ‘See’. And out of that ‘Seeing’ came their expression.” . . . “Yes, it was their Destiny to do that; but not some for-ordained pattern” . . . “It was the energy of “The Soul’ or whatever you want to call it, “Overcoming’ the limitations of the mind” . . .

    1. Jesus‘ / ‘Allah‘ / ‘The Infinite Stillness‘ / ‘OverSoul‘ / ‘No Mind‘ / ‘Evolution::Involution /’Emptiness‘ / ‘Movement‘ / ‘Unknowing‘ / ‘NirvanaWhat difference does it make what words we use to point to an experience that is not about concepts and is beyond words. Yet for my individual unique incarnation into this culture / within a particular culture and time we feel more comfortable with some words and not others. And what of words we use that seem to be understandable like ‘Love’ / ‘Initiation ‘/ Kindness’ and ‘Harmony’/ . These too are ‘Incomplete‘ just pointers to my experience that is vastly larger than I can imagine. So please let me ‘Let Go’ of my attachment to this individual cultural & incarnation for attaching to it alone brings forth ‘Otherness‘. And yet still respecting it in my self — Respecting What is True while still Recognizing it is Not Truth. Such a Balancing Act 😉

We are all Blind . . . Share your experience of The Great Elephant . . .

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