IBN ARABI (segment 1)

SILSIL SUFIAN ~ Past Masters in the Chain of the Sufis
1970 Paper by Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan
Video commentary by Shahabuddin

Our destiny as a human being, and the whole forward thrust of evolution of which we are the spear-head leads us to aspire to the state of luminous and omniscient consciousness.  It is a through a kind of compelling purposefulness were to drive the part into assimilating the consciousness of the whole. To this, God beckons us, says Ibn ‘Arabi. We are invited to participate and indeed partake into he divine consciousness in the measure of our degree of evolution.

If the is an obstacle to this luminous state of conciseness, which avers itself to the be our ultimate raison desire, it is because we are blinded by the appearance of this phenomenal world to the extent of failing to see that which appears through it.  Consequently the appearance has become,  as the Sufis say,  the screen or the veil that which strives to appear.

Meditation, and generally all spiritual teachings aims at liberating the adept from this so-called mirage with a view to leading her to the clear vision called illumination.   The relevant technique to this end consists in a modification of the setting of the optical focus of consciousness, and involves a work directed upon oneself.

The same spectacle appears different according to the modulation of the vantage point of consciousness.  Ibn ‘Arabi’ is noted amongst Sufis for his knack in flashing alternately two polarized perspectives of the same realty by the permutation between the point of view perceived by individualized consciousness and the panorama such as it manifests to view before the divine consciousness. 

Shahabuddin:  So think about this for a moment. Here is Ibn Arabi not just by his presence but even by his words could trigger in us these two perspectives.

Shahabuddin: “Yes, this is where my body is, yes, this is where I am.
Yes, but at the same time, Yes, this is who I am and who I am is calling what I am. So let me shift for a moment to the ‘Who I Am’
and I can call the ‘What I Am’


One thought on “IBN ARABI (segment 1)

  1. video #1. The phrase “light of our soul deeper beyond FORM of nature.” I am sitting in nature and listening and looking at light and experiencing something beyond the trees. It is an amazing study.
    Another phrase that spoke to me:”unity with consciousness of nature”. I am watching an everchanging pattern of light and wonder what the forest experiences.

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