IBN ARABI (segment 4)

“The principle requires a form in which it may both exist and manifest, and we are this form.

Hence say Ibn ‘Arabi, we confer upon him a mode being in that we manifest His nature: “In knowing Him I confer on him Being/Beingness.” 

However, if we are able to do this, it is because He confers upon us existence through Himself.   The more we discover His nature in us, the more do we confer upon Him existence in us.  

The more we give expression to the qualities of the divine essence which seek existence and manifestation in and through us, the greater our feeling of fulfillment and purposefulness.  

So do we realize our responsibility in respect of God as vassal of God’s Lordship, more as warrantor of God’s Sovereignty; 

For if God’s Sovereignty rests in the order of the Universe, it can only be implemented through those in whom it is vested.  

Hence it is we, who ensure God’s Sovereignty by our recognizing it. 

It is exciting to realize that one’s action, one speech affects God, but from the divine vantage point expounded by Ibn ‘Arabi: it is our passion for and of His action in us.  

The is the key to the “significatio passiva” of the church fathers. God can only be known in what we undergo of God’s action in us.”


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