IBN ARABI (segment 3)

. . . Shahabuddin begins with an apology for lack of gender correctness . . .

“Therefore He knows Himself through the knowledge that I have of Him.” 

. . . S:

“Because it is the knowledge that He has of me.  At the zenith of my consciousness, I know myself with he knowledge that He has of me.

. . . S:

“That is in my external potentiality in the divine mind.  Paradoxically thus, the one in which He knows Himself is the one who knows Him.”

“In order to manifest His essence through me, He projects His image into existence in me. 

. . . S:

“Conversely my existence was latent in the divine essence and that I manifest of the essence must need be individualized and particularized, although the total essence is present in each of its manifestations.”

. . . S: ” Yah Hu “


We are all Blind . . . Share your experience of The Great Elephant . . .

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