IBN ARABI (segment 7)

Video 7: Text Assist: Pir’s Words From The Paper

The lover prolongs the divine action imagining the world, in that the Lover imagines the creator by idealizing the Lover’s beloved.

Love is creative in that it creates something that does not yet exist concretely in the form of the beloved. 

Therefore love is an energy of the creative imagination which causes spiritual realities to descend in the image; and transfigures the sensible forms to the level of the image of divine perfection that is pure beauty — the object of God’s love. “ God is the created Creator and creative creature”.

Ibn ‘Arabi always points to the correspondence between the human being and God. To god’s longing to see themself in us, we respond in God’s longing to know the principle of God’s being.

To God’s nostalgia to deliver the potentialities of God’s essence from their state of virtuality and  unknowing,  the human responds in the human nostalgia to discover the divine nature through our human nature to serve the divine Sovereignty in manifesting these qualities.

To God’s yearning for another himself of which he is the God,  man responds in his yearning for the being of whom he discovers himself to be the image and whose image one discovers in oneself.

To God’s  love for the creature which causes God to limit himself in manifestation and to exile a part of Himself from the loneliness of the divine unity, man responds in prayer.

In prayer, we deliver God from God’s descent into matter and multiplicity, into duality, into individualization by ascending to the Contemplation of God’s Eternality beyond all existence.

Shahabuddin — ” This is the experience of Samadhi … Moksha … Liberation … this is the moment of Divine Death . . . here are your wings of Unity fly again.”



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