2019 APG Videos

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2019 Shahabuddin’s APG Videos
All 23 of Shahabuddin’s APG 2019 Videos are available here. For your preview access # 10, #14 and #18 are not password protected. Cost for access to all the videos is $60 if you attended the 2019 camp and $120 if you did not attend this year. Note: These videos are password protected with a different password from that of Sangathas.

To buy the videos please make a $120 Paypal Payment or a $60 PayPal Payment.  You may also write a check to Sufi Services / CO Gerry Scott / 4721 Village Gardens Dr. Sarasota, Fl 34234. After payment Email Shams at —  gerryscott@me.com — for the password. This camp was held Jan 30th – Feb 3, 2019. Filming was done by Agnieszka as Shams was in the Hospital.  The APG Videos money will be split between Agnieszka and Shams.

1 EvenMeditation ~ The Universal Prayer ~ Our Role
2 Introduction to Retreat
3 MornMeditation ~ I Live For You/I Die For Thee-Done As The ‘One I’ That Is God
4 Your Higher Self ~ Calling Out to Thee
5 Meditation ~ Your Astral Self and Guide Beings
6 More Astral Plane + Are You WILLING
7 EvenMeditation ~ Your Are A Temple of Light and Sound
8 MornMeditation SOUNDS ~ForHeart ~3rdEye ~Crown
9 After EarlyMorn Meditation ?’s +AllAboutInvokingBeings
10 Intro Next Realm after Astral BEAUTY Even Less Dense
11 Meditation ~ With Beings of Many Colors ~ Realm of Beauty
12 Meditation ~ Self Healing ~ Help from Our Beautious Friends
13 Misc Before and After Self Healing Meditation
14 EvenMeditation ~ WHO  AM I?
15 Morn.Meditation ~ PauseBreath InHeart~BuildingMental BodyOfLight
16 AfterMeditationTalk -BuildingSpiritualPower + Joe & Quin
17 Asking for Help ~ The Bridge of  Connection to LessDense Beings
18 Intro To Beyond Form Meditation
19 Meditation ~ Beyond Form
20 EvenMeditation ~ StandingWithBeingsOfManyColors
21 Last Day Morning Meditation ~ Yah Inayat Yah Rasul
22 GoingForth IntoLife + Review of Morning Meditation
23 APG Practice Suggestions for 2019