Day 1 A Why Are We Afraid of Death ~ Complete Morning Discourse [5 videos with text]

Five Videos
(1) Our Cover & Why Are We Afraid of Death
(2) Our Fear of Death (cont.)
(3) Everything Is God. 
(4) The Soul’s Eternal Nature ~ Abstract and Finite
(5) Death Pain and Loss
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Our Cover and Why We Are Afraid of Death [day1a1]

Our Cover:  “Much of our belief about death comes from our cover. You know the jacket we are wearing, call our body, our personality, our minds. It effects what we believe even though it has no apparent relationship to reality.  Reality is not what We Think reality is, for that is completely cause and effect. And we believe it.  And we miss the real point. People seem to need to create stories that fit in with their own individual belief systems which as we said is based on their cover. So whatever we believe we create a story about.

We love being alive, so we think, so we project that into the next world, if we believe in a next world not everybody does. And we create stories around that. And it is natural to do so. And we create myths and those myths can help us to go deeper and deeper and deeper.   

But my experience is when you really begin to go deep, which I think all of us do.  What we experience after you go through all of the layers of emotional experiences what you experience is love, is pure love.  And everything is based on that seed.  But then we have created stories about love. And we don’t know what love is when we talk about it.  

What To Do: ” I hope we can is dive deeper than the cause and effect relationship of love and death.  Otherwise and this sounds like a threat and it is, other wise we don’t understand life. Life becomes too much of a mystery, we are too confused,  we have no center point.

Love: That beautiful poem of Inayat Khan, “Is love pleasure, is love merriment, No, love is willing surrender of the possessor of ones own heart.” That is what love is. So then the question becomes, ”Who possess our heart?”  And we will take a look at that later. For now lets stick with, “Why do we fear death?”

Absolute Disillusionment: ” What is the end of the process of death? At the end is absolute dissolution.  In other words we are a body, we are a personality, we are a thought structure, we are an emotional structure, and we have hopes, we have positive intentions, we have will, we have desire, all of that is real then after we leave this body, assuming we still have form, we still have all of those things, except we don’t have the body, the physical body, And we go through worlds, or layers of consciousness, and ultimately we discard everything and immerse into the infinite ocean, I am not going to say the infinite ocean of bliss because there is no experiencer, and that is the end of the story. We become once again part of God. “

And you know I lived with that story for about forty years and I was totally at peace with that. It really answered a lot of questions. So then I began wondering, “Well that story is kind of beautiful. It is kind of complete. It is circular.  It is not necessarily linear.

So Why are we still afraid of Death? 

 The Answer I Found This Morning:  “I stayed with that question and I never quite got to the depth of the answer until this morning, no really, Before I came here, you know I get up early, and I thought, I still don’t get this fear of death.  And I so I did what I do habitually when I have a question that doesn’t get answered, even inwardly. I opened up the teachings, these talks that Inayat Khan gave and I opened it up and he said something that even though I have read this three hundred times,  I never saw before.

He said, “We go though all of this and become nothing, but then what we are ctually experiencing is greater than nothing.  Is beyond nothing.  And what is beyond nothing. It is so great., he couldn’t describe it.  That was all he could say. But it is so great, so cosmically profound that everything is validated, everything is worth it, I know that sounds like commerce, but it was something I had never thought of, that is why I said it is all based on love.

Beyond Nothing: “And we think what do you mean beyond nothing. Don’t forget we are not speaking linearly, time is something that gets discarded very early in this process. So who is there to experience ‘Beyond Nothing’, it is not you. It is not me because we’r gone in the process.  And is it God.  But that is just another story and the answer is not experienceable with our own story, with our own logic,  with our own way of reasoning, of experiencing, of thinking.  This is really a challenge. A great challenge.”

Two Gods / Two Us’s: “We understand in essence there are two Gods. There is God the Abstract. And there is God the Finite.  And we have the potential even though we don’t often do it. We have the potential to  go back and forth in those two worlds, and ultimately to live in both, simultaneously. And we can draw ourself into the finite when necessary. And draw ourselves out of the finite when necessary so to speak. Maybe necessary is the wrong word. But we have that ability. We call it going into the Abstract Meditation, or Prayer; And again it is just label stories we ascribe to the nonexistent us.  And then go back to dealing with the existent us – – – That is us,  with our thinking, our personality, our things, our awareness and there are these two us and there are these two Gods. 

We have the abstract god which is in a sense is the fruit of the non- abstract god.  And the fruit of the Abstract God is the emergence of the non-abstract God.   And we live in this duality but we live in it unconsciously. “

Another option. “We can live in this duality, more consciously at first. Meaning we develop the ability to withdraw from the finite, this is the spiritual path, whatever path it doesn’t matter,  We develop the ability to withdraw from the finite to the Abstract. And then leave the Abstract and come back into the Finite. And we go back and forth between the two.


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Our Fear of Death

So back to the fear because the fear is important. What do we really lose? What stories have we created to overcome the fears of what we really lose. Well here is a good story, ‘When I die I am going to see all of my relatives who have died before me.
I have to tell you before I continue, ‘I am not doing the junior high school talks anymore. I really mean it. We are at university level now. So what is the point of going back there. So lets look at some our beliefs.  So what would be your imagination of what it would be like to see your relative or friends, especially those to which you were very close.  What would your imagination now assume that meeting would be like. 

What do you Feel – Think about that scenario?

Variety of Responses Including
As I feel them now they are already here.
Then you  are already there

The Pain We Carry and Our Transformation

Something else is going on here.            It Creates More Compassion

It is a Deepening

Outside The Linear World                          In An Abstract View of Life


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Everything is God

The Is Nothing That Isn’t God.
The Failures and Successes, Everything

Everything Is God
Because of this we cannot make sense of it

      Beyond Our Need To Understand
Beyond Our self         

Love Is

As We Give Up Our Story
We See From The Point of View of The Other
We Are Naked and We Don’t Know Who We Are

We Are Slowly Giving Up Our Story
And It Is taking many of us 40 year too 😉 


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Life on Earth For It Is Unnatural
Our Abstract Practices
Allow It To Be Free, To Escape

Yang ~ Yang               Peace ~  Joy                     Abstract ~ Finite
Stillness    ~ Movement         

We are always becoming The Abstract. The Abstract is always becoming Finite. It is the interplay of those two.  . . What emerges out of that Stillness is Movement. And what does Movement seek. Stillness. So the path of attainment doesn’t mean you attain. It means you are on the path of attainment. The goal is not To Get Anywhere.  The goal is not to Be Anything. That’s just another story.

It was necessary that as humanity evolves the story would change. And this is not the end of the story either. It is just the story of today.  Or maybe if we are lucky the story of tomorrow. 

So “What’s the Point.”  I go back to where I was at the beginning. The point is Love. Not defining Love. Not even experiencing love. But the point is Love.  Nothing else fits anywhere. The only thing that fits into both worlds is Love.  So then what’s Love. I don’t know. Probably the wise would say God. . . . and they do ‘God Is Love’ But it doesn’t mean we understand Love because it says God Is Love. But Love is The Key.

Love Is The Key that unlocks itself 

——Q  What of the teachings of  HIK. What about that story?
” Its just a story. I mean that with no disrespect . . . but he too said, It is just a story. ” So did many others . . . I hope I can say this properly. One cannot live as one half. Which is what many people do. A fundamentalist for example, is living one half of the totality. And the other half is very threatening to the fundamentalist. The abstract is very threatening to the finite, Back to  your question.
The Abstract that’s behind all the voluminous, wonderful teachings that were given. The Abstract  that behind it. Is representative of the soul and the soul has no story . Forgive me but it wasn’t the teachings of Inayat Khan that gets us through, it was the soul of Inayat Khan. The Soul of God.  Same as our Soul. It is just that Soul, that particular ray is more Focused.  And we can touch that. And it helps us. And that is what originally creates a religion until we heaped up our stories upon it.
When I leave here I am going to Israel. It is much easier here. So  why don’t I just stay here. And the answer is.  I don’t know. But I have to go there. I am not going for any outer reasons even though people project reasons on to me .  .  . Its great . . . Or awful. Why is he going.  

Why am I going?   I don’t know . . . but that Soul, I don’t mean Inayat Khan. but that Abstract is pushing. and we feel more complete when we respond to the push that comes from within. We call it the Spirit of Guidance or Intuition, or whatever you wish. But we can get closer to that and it makes us feel more complete as a human being


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Death: Pain and Loss

— Q  “If God forbid I was in the situation you were in, I would do what you did.  Because that is what we know. But understanding it. No, painfully difficult, if not impossible. And the pain that God feels. Remember not the God we create. Not the story we imagine. But the universe, the universes that are capable of experiencing the pain that the tiniest insect feels. Or the psychic pain that a human being feels, which is terrible pain. All that pain is collected in one being. It is unimaginable. Absolutely unimaginable.  Does it matter, and this is important, does it matter that we try and relieve pain.   Yes it matters to us.  It matters to our experience of Life.  And our story about life. And that is really important. at a certain point, do we give that story up. Probably. Sure.”

“But as a human being in this finite world, if we can help relieve pain. In whatever way we can. And that includes the pain we create for ourselves. Yeh, then we are a more complete and healthier human being.  We are a more complete representative of the infinite. Not because we are trying to bring less pain to the infinite that is a story also. But because as a human being, it is fulfilling to relieve pain.  It is fulfilling.”

Our Next Step: “What we have all been talking about and thinking, the next step is to stop talking and go into experiencing this in silence. And seeing what happens.  And seeing what emerges. Not trying to fix anything.  Not trying to understand anything.

Not Controlling:  And certainly not trying to control anything. The more we try to control anything. the more out of control we become. The proof of that is the world. Everything you read, write, left or center is about control. Who is going to control the government, And on and on. Who is going to control education. Who is going to control the money. It is not like we think of the answers, this is the process we are in now, people are trying to think of answers and trying to make them real. And of course the more that happens the more cartoony the whole thing becomes. Which is what we have now. A big cartoon. Our Work:  So what is our work. Us in this room. What is our work for the next few days. And what is our work. The one thing that I do know that I don’t believe is part of my story but I think it is an absolute that in order to grow we need to feel.

Becoming Human: If we don’t feel we cannot become human. We think we are human beings. We are aspiring to be human beings. We are not quite there we are learning to be human. The word human, has two words in it, who or hue and man. Or manus. Manus, it comes from Sanskrit. Manus means mind. And hue or who is God.  So the human being is the God mind being. That is why we are not there yet. I don’t find myself having the god mind. It is possible we have all had moments. We have all had moment so being human. In Arabic and in Turkish. They don’t say some one is enlightened. They say they are insan kamil. What does it mean. The perfected human / the perfected person. The perfected human. Or the perfect human.  And all of the teaching is moving towards that. Moving towards becoming the God mind.

Mantra yoga: The teaching about mantra yoga. You know keeping the holy name on the mind, on the breath. All the time is a training. Yes it is a training, to  discipline what we think about. But it is also doing something else. When you keep the mantra, what ever that is, in the consciousness at all times.  The mind changes. The brain changes. The physiology changes. Then inexplicable ‘magic’ occurs. That, we don’t understand.  All we can do is prepare the body and mind and heart to become human.  That is our work.
Created and Creator: So one more thing. I didn’t fully answer your question about pain. You know the relationship of the infinite with the finite. With us as the finite goes both ways. Not just one way. We have this notion there is god up there coming into us, you know us little wormies down here. But it goes both ways. When we recognize that the infinite is feeling suffering, the infinite is feeling the infinite suffering of duality.  When we recognize that. At that point. The infinite changes. We change god. It is not just that God changes us.

We Are One: Because of what you were saying Denis . We are the one. Whether we cope to it or not. Whether we live it or not we are and if we as that can recognize the pain that the divine heart feels. Then we change it.
Servant of god:  Then we truly are at least in that moment, a servant of God. The Das of ram. Many of you know the name Ram Das  Ram means God. Das means the servant of. So we become the Das the servant of god. When we recognize, not to the extent we cant it would kill us.

God Suffers: When we recognize how God suffers. Not to glorify suffering. And not to understand it. Because I think if we were god none of us would create suffering. So it sounds silly, but it takes a lot of love to create suffering, for ones self and for those we love.  That is why giving up understanding helps so much. It really helps us understand when we give up understanding. Then we don’t have to have it stick to any particular story.

—Q, Would it be advisable before you die to give up all your stories? To let it go? Yes, you could but is it advisable.
Stories Falling Away: What a question.  My mind wants to say, of course it is advisable but that is no answer. And I am not trying to get out of answering, the answer is to recognize that there is stillness and there is movement. And we are transitioning from more movement to less movement, to more stillness, as we can accept that transition at our depth a process will naturally occur which allows our stories by themselves to fall away. For example you have person A that says I am a conservative and person B that says I am a liberal.  Person A says those libersl really dont know what they are talking about. It would be a disaster if they took over. And person B is saying Liberals, they are just jerks. They’re doing their evil, and on and on .  .  I am right and you are wrong. We know the story. Right. We live it every day.  So then person A and person B fall in Love. It happens. We know it.  What happens. Some of the depth of viciousness falls away. And at first their is a detente,  lets not talk politics at home. Thats only the first step. Gradually there is an understanding of each other.  And as that occurs the old positions, by themselves fall away.  Why. Well because they love each other. And they know they can’t experience love with that person unless they are willing to allow the situation to evolve. And it happens. And I’ve seen it happen. And the stories fall away by themselves. There is a greater force, which is love. If we train ourself to neither goes towards neither movement nor stillness. But instead, goes towards love. The stories will fall away. There is an old sufi story. “I don’t fear hell, nor do I desire heaven, I just want to sit in the lap of God.”  There is so much wisdom in that. It is not about one or the other. It is about that which created one and the other. Why do to more limitation when you can go to the source. So if we allow it there is a wonderful process by which our stories fall away.



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